Consulting Services

We offer consulting services for practice owners who are either getting started or seeking assistance growing their existing practice.

Are administrative headaches preventing you from growing?

These headaches can become magnified many times over as you expand, potentially resulting in difficulties onboarding and retaining therapists. You can avoid this by having systems in place such as:

EMR Options

Records Management

Referral Management

Have a financial plan in place that scales as you do.

Need help with ensuring you have enough revenue to keep your business afloat? Are you leaving revenue on the table? Are you overspending on unneeded areas while underspending on imperative business operations? We offer consultation in areas such as:

Billing & Insurance

Overhead & Start-Up Costs

Compensation for Yourself and Your W2 or 1099 Contractors

Seamlessly navigate a complex ethical and regulatory environment.

Whether you are just starting out or you've been in business for years, rules change frequently and it's our responsibility as business owners and practitioners to keep up. We cover all of the bases, including but not limited to:

Records Management Requirements- EMR, Website, Electronic Systems

Board Supervision Requirements - States and Boards and Ethics- Oh My!

Mitigating Liability: Contractor & Employment Law and HIPAA Compliance

Expand your practice and scale to the moon (and back!)

We specialize in solutions to your business challenges with finding talent, branding and marketing, and client outreach that are vital to your profitability.

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Is your practice a revolving door of talent, or is it not attracting practitioners?  We can help!

Branding & Marketing

If your visuals & voice are inconsistent, or your campaigns are "off," prospective clients and talent may think you are, too.

Ready to work together?

What We Offer

We provide comprehensive consultations that help you to address all your business needs.

or $1,350 for a three-hour bundle
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