Frequently Asked Questions

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People raising hands to ask questions of a presenter.
People raising hands to ask questions of a presenter.
  • When are your hours?

    We’re open daily (including nights and weekends!) from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM EST. Each therapist offers different hours and we will match you with a therapist that meets your clinical and your scheduling needs!

  • What services do you offer?

    Each independent therapist you are referred to offers individualized care utilizing a variety of specialized techniques. Darby Integrative Counseling has contracted with an array of therapists who offer individual, group, and couples counseling. Services are offered to clients of all backgrounds, with particular care and support provided to each client, no matter their individual circumstance. Types of therapy range greatly including ACT, CBT, DBT, EMDR, Psychodynamic, Mind Body Therapies, Somatic Motor Psychotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Substance Abuse Treatment and more!

  • What is the mission of Darby Integrative Counseling?

    Our mission at Darby Integrative Counseling is to connect clients to providers who are compassionate, dedicated, and scholarly. We believe in contracting with the highest quality providers who utilize cutting edge techniques to assist clients in their healing and growth!

    No matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, neurogenetic proclivity, or any other status or characteristic, we invite you into this safe space to find transformation, growth, acceptance, love, and healing. Come as you are and be celebrated for being uniquely and perfectly, you!

    Get connected with a provider today to begin your healing journey.

  • What is the intake process for new client?

    After completing your new client intake questionnaire, we will match you via email with a therapist who can serve your needs.

    Therapists typically schedule a 15 minute consultation call prior to making an appointment with you to ensure you feel it is the best fit. During that call, the therapist will identify your needs and discuss any questions you may have. They will give a brief overview of ways they can help and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

    Prior to intake, the therapist will ask you to sign up for the client portal, and request that you fill out any needed intake forms prior to the session. This process is to ensure your first session does not include filling out needed disclosures and forms. You will receive an appointment reminder email 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment.

    During intake, the therapist will explore your reasons for seeking treatment, your clinical history, provide you treatment options, and explore your goals for treatment. Insurance information will be obtained, payment options for treatment will be explored, and payment for the session will be collected.

  • What insurance plans do you accept?

    Some therapists at the practice accept Blue Cross Blue Shield. All therapists at the practice are out of network with all other insurance companies and plans. Please check each therapists page for more information on their participation with insurance.

    Therapists can offer clients assistance as needed with:

    • seeking out-of-network reimbursement
    • providing information on how clients can seek single-case agreements to utilize their in-network benefits with out of network providers!
    • submitting claims with their out-of-network insurance plan
    • exploring payment plans to make treatment accessible

    For clients who have no insurance, therapists may offer a need-based sliding scale fee structure that is based on financial necessity and clinical need.

    If you have any specific questions about insurance or payment, these questions will be answered and explored during the initial phone consultation and during the intake appointment. You will never obtain a surprise bill for sessions.

  • What type of center are you? What do you treat?

    Darby Integrative Counseling provides referrals to therapists at the practice who have a variety of specialties. We are committed to helping you find the therapist that serves your needs. The therapists at the practice offer specialty services for a wide range of populations, diagnoses, and age groups. They utilize various types of treatment to meet your needs. Reach out today to get started on your journey to healing and happiness.

  • Why Darby Integrative Counseling?

    You have options, and we believe in choosing the best options for yourself! The carefully cultivated and compassionate group of independent therapists at Darby Integrative Counseling have a wide range of backgrounds, specialties, and certifications to ensure we can link you to the therapist best suited to meet your needs. We believe in high level care for all clients and are devoted to offering you just that: Best in Class Care. You need not look any further, as you have found the right place to take the next step into being connected with a therapist who can help you today. Get started by clicking Book an Appointment and get linked to a therapist in your area.

  • How frequently do you meet with clients?

    At the start of treatment, therapists will meet with a client at least once weekly to begin building the therapeutic relationship together and to solidify goals and progress on those goals. Depending on the needs of the client, these sessions may continue weekly or may reduce over time. This decision is dependent upon each client and their therapist.

  • What ages do you work with?

    Each therapist at the practice has different populations and ages they treat. Typical age ranges include: children 6 years and up, adolescents 12 years and up, and adults 18 years and up (including young adults, middle aged adults, and the elderly). Explore our therapists’ profiles to see what ages each of them works with.

  • Do you offer telehealth and/or in-person therapy?

    Yes, we offer both in our comfy upscale Downtown Silver Spring office!

    While we remain in tune with the latest safety guidelines regarding COVID thus limiting the number of in-person sessions, we are excited to return to more in-person sessions soon.

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