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We connect you to out-of-network therapists who provide integrative concierge-style psychotherapy in DC, MD, VA, and beyond.

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Take the next step on your journey through life's challenges.

Are you struggling with fear, grief, sadness, anxiety, or stress?

Is your anger, shame or guilt preventing you from experiencing the joys of life?

Do your relationships at home or work feel strained?

Let us connect you to someone who can help awaken your best self, help you find solutions to problems that you face, and walk with you on your path to happiness, health, & wellness.

Here's what you get when you connect to an out-of-network therapist through us:

Therapists who contract with us specialize in a variety of areas.

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Here's how you get started.

We make finding your perfect therapist as simple as it gets.

All of the therapists we contract with are thoroughly vetted for professionalism, use of evidence-based practices, and specific areas of specialization.

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    Take our online questionnaire.

    Answer a series of questions to tell us a bit about what you're looking for help with. (All of your answers are protected by HIPAA and 100% private and confidential).

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    Match with the right therapist for you.

    We'll use your answers to help guide you toward the best therapist based on your answers.

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Our Commitment to You

We are committed to connecting you to counseling that is both local and accessible.

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Accordingly, our values are as follows:

  1. You will be treated with kindness and dignity.
  2. Your beliefs, values, relationships, individual and family history, and present circumstances will be honored and respected.
  3. We believe in face-to-face relationships—virtually or in-person.
  4. Our contract therapist screening process is thorough, personal, and places the likelihood of successful client outcomes as the most important factor for determining who contract with.
  5. Contract therapists provide evidence-based and trauma-informed care to all clients, regardless of their background.
  6. Contract therapists are out-of-network with most insurance plans, allowing clients to benefit from treatment that is not dictated by insurance, thus removing barriers to quality service that exceeds industry standards.